Some Eagle 20 (Mycobutanil), Forbid (Spiromefesin), and Mallet (Imidacloprid) were found on some Denver edibles products. Recall in effect. Yuck! Click here for the details from Denver Department of Environmental Health.


The following Gaia’s Garden infused candy products are subject to the recall:
Production batch # _____ Item Description

9922702, 9920503, 9921703, 9920503 Heads and Tails (med)

9922702 Mixed Fruit Lozenges (med)

9922702, 9920903, 9923003 Sour Drops (med)

9922702, 9920503, 9921703 Fish (med)

9920203, 9921603 Himalayan Salted Dark Chocolate (med)

9920203 Cherry Cream Karma (med)

9920903 White Chocolate Mojito (med)

9921703 Lollipops (med)

9921903 D’z Nutz (med)

9923003 Root Beer Drops (med)

9923003 Lemon Drops (med)

9923003 Cinnamon Lozenges (med)

9922603 Orange Cream Karma (med)

9922603 Strawberry Cream Karma (med)

9920903 Cinnamon Karma (med)

9990104, 9951902 Mixed Fruit Pot Drops (rec)

9990505 10mg Karma (rec)

9952002 VSACC Berry Drops (rec)

9951802 Ginger Drops (rec)

9993103 Root Beer Drops (rec)

9951802 Sour Drops (rec)

These products were distributed to 176 store locations around the state.

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