It’s been a long day of genius-ing.  I am finally sitting down for the night at Casa Dab King and I’m basically looking at a spread of five of First Class Concentrates best concentrates. A shatter tasting is just what the day has called for if you ask me.  We’re tasting Agent Orange, Banana OG, Humboldt OG, Black Lime Reserve and Gorilla Glue #4 using a Mobius pipe and Errlectric enail heated to 600 degrees (the temperature my host has determined optimal.) My mouth is watering; all of it looks good and smells pretty ridiculous. I am ready to medicate.


We start with the Agent Orange, one of Subcool’s strains. This is the darkest of all the samples and is (likely) the most terpene rich. Held up to the light, it was still translucent.  This one tasted like orange juice concentrate mixed with orange oil cleaner – in a good way – not astringent, just concentrated. The effect began as expected, strong and fast with fair lung expansion. This one is going to hard to beat.


Banana OG was the one with the best color and overall look of the bunch. According to my Dab buddy, the Banana OG usually tastes like banana Runts candy and the flavor was off for this particular batch of the Banana OG. This one was closer to a plantain than a banana with a little citrus in the background. As far as strength goes, the look is a bit deceiving with its insane color and clarity. The Dab King says, “Banana OG is not as stony as regular OGs.” This would make for a great day dabber despite being indica dominant.

Humboldt OG
Humboldt OG

The Humboldt OG was next. A traditional OG scent and lemony flavor dominate this sample. The dabs were tasty and potent, but not over the top. It was definitely a loud OG, don’t get me wrong,  just not a pucker your face and gag OG. There was a bit more sugar to the look. It definitely packs the punch and will make your head feel fuzzy and warm. It definitely wins 3rd place of this group.


The Black Lime Reserve was my second favorite or possibly tied for first with the Agent Orange. It’s basically a Chemdog with stronger lime notes. Perfect for daytime. I will be visiting this one again when summer comes around. It has a pronounced sativa effect and slightly darker look than the Banana OG but lighter than the Agent Orange.


Last was the Gorilla Glue #4. It’s basically perfect for the Gorilla Glue #4 enthusiast. It’s clarity was amazing and has the potency, but lacks a persistent desired flavor. There is a flavor and smell of course, it’s just not super desirable to me.  It smells like an off pheno of something else, but true to it’s name smells like Gorilla Glue only louder. If you are a Gorilla Glue fan, I’m certain you’ll love this.

Overall, First Class Concentrates is a force to be reckoned with and has among the best solvent based hash in the bay area. Many thanks to my host – a true Dab connoisseur who provided the hash, supplies, an awesome midnight Indian food feast and, most importantly after of evening spread like this…a bed.

Stay tuned for more Bay Area (and beyond) flower and dab reviews to further all of our inner weed genius.

Update to follow….

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